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Legal Separation in Jacksonville

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A couple that decides to separate from one another needs to abide by certain rules. In order to be granted a divorce in the state of North Carolina, a couple must be separated for at least one year. For a separation to be considered valid, you and your spouse typically need to move into completely separate households. Once the time is up, you are eligible to file for divorce.

An additional component to a separation is the intent of at least one of the spouses to be separated. Both parties do not need to be in agreement that they seek to end their marriage, but the spouse that moves out must be doing so with the intent to end their marriage in divorce.

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Establishing a Separation Agreement

Some couples may choose to enter into a separation agreement to ease the transition to divorce. A separation agreement does not necessarily mean a couple is divorced but makes it easier to address issues once they terminate their marriage.

A separation agreement can address:

  • Division of marital property
  • Amount of spousal support
  • Amount of child support
  • Child custody schedule

These agreements can help reduce the cost and length of a divorce when this time comes. This is an enforceable legal contract that can be addressed in civil court. After you are separated, consult with a Jacksonville legal separation attorney about drafting an agreement that addresses your family’s needs.

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Some couples may be able to handle their separation amicably, but many need the assistance of a lawyer to represent their interests. Our firm strives to ensure that your priorities are addressed, your marital property is properly divided, and you are not taken advantage of by your spouse. Should you and your spouse decide to reconcile with one another during the separation, a new separation period will be required before both parties would be able to obtain a divorce.

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