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Background checks have become a fact of life in the United States. Whether you are trying to get a job, renting an apartment, applying for a license or permit, or even trying to go on a school trip with your child, chances are that someone is going to check your record. Unfortunately, many people find that when they have been accused of a crime, the mere fact that they were charged will be held against them, even if those charges were dropped or they were found innocent at trial.

North Carolina law provides a remedy to this problem: the Petition for Expunction. This procedure, commonly referred to as an “expungement,” allows all record of a criminal case to be removed from the official record. In many ways, an expunction makes it appear as if a case never existed.

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Qualifications for Expungement

Under current law, there are several different types of cases that can be expunged from your record. While there are limitations, if you were acquitted of a crime or the State dropped the charges, we may be able to help you. Even if you were convicted, you may qualify to have that blemish removed from your record.

If you were convicted of a crime, North Carolina allows you to apply for expungement if:

  • The crime was a misdemeanor or H or I Felony
  • The crime did not involve assault, a hate crime, or impaired driving
  • You are not registered as a sex offender
  • You do not have any other convictions other than traffic citations

If you were found not guilty of a crime, or the charges were dismissed, you may apply for expungement if:

  • You have not been previously convicted of a felony

If you are unsure whether you qualify, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your situation in greater detail.

Recent Changes in North Carolina Expungement

On December 1, 2017, a new law went into effect in North Carolina that changed the expungement process. The goal of this law is to reward people convicted of crimes who have shown commitment to reform. A major change in this law is that the waiting time for expungement for a first-time nonviolent felony is reduced from 15 years to 10 years. For nonviolent misdemeanors, the wait has been reduced to five years. Additionally, it allows someone who was arrested but not convicted of a crime to apply for immediate expungement.

This bill also allows law enforcement and prosecutors to access electronic copies of expunged criminal records. However, these records will not be available to employers or other people performing background checks, meaning the record should not affect your eligibility for employment, renting or buying property, and other matters.

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