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Understanding Restraining Orders

Protective orders prevent one person from legally contacting another in accordance with the law. Once a protective order is granted by the court, both parties are expected to follow the outlined rules and regulations. As a result, a violation can happen at any time, whether that is accidentally traveling down the wrong street, sending a text message, or even unknowingly attending the same event. If you are accused of a protective order violation, consult with a Jacksonville protective order attorney from The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm as soon as possible.

A protective order negatively affects your life. Not only are you prevented from going certain places, attending certain events, and reaching out to certain people, but you may be unable to access firearms. There are no exceptions to this penalty once it's been ordered, even for military members. The Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers at The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm can help protect your rights when you are being targeted by a protective order.

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Penalties for a Protective Order Violation

Under North Carolina Statute 50B-4.1, someone who knowingly violates a valid domestic violence protective order can be charged with a Class A1 misdemeanor. If a violation of a protective order occurs in combination with another crime, the penalties become even more severe and may even become a felony charge.

For a Class A1 misdemeanor, the accused may be facing:

  • Imprisonment
  • House arrest
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Fines

Since 2002, our criminal defense attorneys have served the Jacksonville community with attentive and dedicated legal services. Our personal approach ensures that our clients remain informed every step of the way.

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