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The two things you can expect from the first moment you speak with someone at The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm are honesty and integrity. Your first meeting with our Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys is not a sales meeting; it is our time to listen and understand your situation so that we can provide you with the help you need.

The legal profession is not just a business. People in need of a lawyer are facing some of the most difficult situations of their lives. We take our responsibility to clients very seriously and provide them with the dedicated, personalized, and attentive service they deserve.

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Experience Matters

Experience can be a game-changing factor in any legal matter, but particularly in criminal defense. Prosecutors are trained to incriminate the accused via any means necessary and, as experienced litigators, our team knows how to anticipate their strategies and plan counterarguments that build reasonable doubt.

We strongly advise meeting with our team before making any decisions regarding your case. No matter how bad a situation may seem, an experienced legal eye can help you find solutions you had not considered before. We urge our clients to keep an open mind as they go into their case so that we can have a productive discussion about the available options. Criminal law is far more complex than a simple guilty or not guilty verdict—there are many factors that can influence the outcome.

We Are Here to Help

At The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm, your attorney is not just someone you hire, it is someone who will stand with you during this difficult time. We want to talk with you, understand your situation, and help you figure out solutions. Our lawyers can handle the bulk of the legal work, but you can rest assured that, as a client, you will feel involved and informed throughout the process.

We’re ready to help. Call our Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys today at (910) 405-8459.

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  • “He was able to get my ticket dismissed.”


  • “I will most definitely recommend you to any one in need of a criminal lawyer.”

    L. M.

  • “Mr. Welch and the office staff made it a very pleasant experience.”


  • “You are a true professional and I appreciate it.”


  • “He took our information, explained the process & what our options were and handled it for us at an extremely reasonable fee.”


  • “He handled the case professionally and was able to get it dismissed, which was all that we were hoping for.”


  • “I would highly recommend Welch and Avery to anyone in need of efficient legal counsel!”

    E. O.

  • “If it weren't for Trevor Avery, I wouldn't have made it through this case or kept my freedom”


  • “You made this bump in the road completely painless.”


  • “I hope I don't need legal services again, but if I do, I will absolutely hire Mr. Welch.”


  • “The cost for his representation was very reasonable.”