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Have You Been Arrested for Drunk Driving?

Traffic tickets can range widely in severity, from the most trivial non-moving violations like expired inspection up to driving while impaired and other significant criminal charges. At The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm, we take cases involving motor vehicle violations just as seriously as any other legal matter, and we work hard to have the vast majority of these cases reduced or dismissed outright. A traffic ticket may not be the worst thing to happen to a person but it can be expensive and inconvenient, while a DWI is a serious matter and deserves experienced legal representation. Our experienced DWI attorneys in Jacksonville can help.

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What You Should Know About DWI

Between checkpoints in Jacksonville, Holly Ridge, Richlands, North Topsail Beach, and elsewhere and roving enforcement by the Highway Patrol and other agencies, Onslow and Duplin Counties see a lot of DWI arrests. When a person is charged with driving while impaired, there are essentially two sets of potential consequences.

  • First, DWI is a crime so, if convicted, the defendant can expect to receive a sentence that can range from a suspended sentence with fines and some community service to a theoretical maximum punishment of three years in prison.
  • Second, a DWI conviction will result in the mandatory suspension of a person’s privilege to drive in North Carolina (regardless of what state issued their license, and it is likely that the suspension will be reported back to their homes state).

Driving while impaired is a charge that tends to involve a set of laws, rules, and regulations that are not present in most other criminal and traffic cases. As a result, it can be advantageous to retain a lawyer who has a lot of experience defending this particular criminal offense.

North Carolina’s DWI Laws

North Carolina does not permit the prosecutors in DWI cases to reduce or dismiss those charges so, in the end, the decision facing the person charged is whether to plead guilty or not guilty. As a result, DWI cases call for an aggressive defense strategy with a close examination of the exact circumstances surrounding:

  • How the police came into contact with the person charged
  • The manner in which any sobriety tests were conducted
  • The procedures for administering a breath or blood test (among other factors)

While the legal limit in North Carolina is .08%, it is not accurate to say that anyone who is over the limit will automatically be convicted of DWI, as there are a number of other potential defenses that may apply. Increasingly, many cases do not involve alcohol as the alleged impairing substance at all, and our attorneys have had extensive experience defending cases of impairment by prescription medications, narcotics, and even non-controlled substances.

Make Sure You Have Someone Looking Out For You

Even if the evidence against you is strong, we can help you mitigate the damage from a DWI conviction. This can mean arguing for a mitigated sentence from the court, going to DMV to fight to keep your license, or preparing for a limited driving privilege to keep you able to drive to work or school.

Many of your rights in a DWI case can be waived unless you act within a few days of your arrest; if you have a pending driving while impaired case, please contact a lawyer as soon as possible so they can start work on your defense quickly!

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