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For people charged with a felony offense, the first question they usually ask is, “Will I go to jail?”

The answer to that question depends on two main factors:

  1. How serious are your charges?
  2. What does your prior record look like?

While every case is different, our laws use a system called “Structured Sentencing” to ensure that similar crimes are punished in similar ways.

However, within the bounds of this sentencing framework, there is frequently a fair range of discretion left to the court as to what the exact nature and terms of a punishment may be. This means there are several ways our Jacksonville felony defense attorneys can fight on your behalf.

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Investigating the Facts

Before we get to the issue of what sentence the court may hand down, there is the important issue of whether you did anything wrong, or whether the prosecution can actually convict you of a crime. In any felony defense, one of the most important elements is gathering information about the case.

At our initial free consultation, you can tell us a great deal about the facts of your case.

We want to know:

  • Who the potential witnesses may be
  • What statements were made to the police
  • What your side of the story is
  • How you were treated by the police during the arrest
  • A host of other pieces of information that tell us what your case is about

Even minor details from this information can have a drastic impact on a case outcome.

We Investigate & Advise, You Make Final Decisions

As a case develops, we will file Discovery Motions with the court, compelling the prosecution to reveal the evidence that has been collected against our client. This gives us a picture of the case from the State’s perspective. Putting all this information together, we can decide whether you are likely to be convicted of anything at all.

Remember: no matter what you are told, in the end, it is always your case, and your lawyer works for you, so the decision about whether to cut a deal or take your case to trial is always yours to make!

Our felony defense attorneys in Jacksonville have used negotiation and persuasive arguments to help clients avoid prison sentences. Call (910) 405-8459 to schedule a consultation with The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm.

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