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Drug Possession Violations? You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug Possession Violations? You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

With as many as two million violations annually, drug abuse remains one of the main reasons why people end up in jail. Could this be you? Get a criminal defense attorney to ensure that your case is treated with the sensitivity it deserves. If you have been selling drugs, or perpetrated additional crimes while under the influence of drugs or in order to get them, your case will be a great deal more difficult, but increasingly, legislators and law courts are trying to find more constructive ways to deal with offenses that stem from drug addiction.

Sixty Percent of Prison Inmates Are Guilty of Drug Offenses

The Office of National Drug Abuse Policy reports that sixty percent of people currently behind bars are there because of drug abuse charges. In addition, a significant percentage of people found guilty of crimes perpetrated to get money, did so in order to fuel a drug habit, or because a drug habit caused a loss of income through job-loss.

The criminal justice system acknowledges that incarceration alone will not solve the problem. Drugs are freely available in prisons owing to smuggling, and even when an inmate is not able to obtain drugs, the underlying causes of drug use have not been addressed. That means that many people who committed crimes because of drug dependency will often re-offend after their release.

Since the primary intention behind incarceration is rehabilitation and the need to protect society, the need to consider probation and rehabilitation accompanied by frequent drug testing is increasingly being recognized.

Drug Addiction as a Mental Illness

As you are no doubt aware, mental illness is considered to be a mitigating factor for crimes, and these can even include murder. Although you may not have hurt anyone, or committed any other crime, addiction is certainly a problem, both in your life, and to those who are close to you.

The criminal justice system can be extremely difficult to navigate, and without the necessary legal know-how, you could face a sanction that is much heavier than that which you would have received with diligent legal representation.

With representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney, it is possible to obtain a sentence that fits the crime, in this case, a chance to free yourself from drug addiction with or without additional penalties.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney Could Secure You a Second Chance

Representing yourself in a drug-related case is not advisable. If you are serious about getting your life back, and are willing to take the necessary steps to free yourself from drug addiction, your sentence can be reduced, and in some cases, people who would otherwise have faced lengthy jail terms obtain a much lighter sentence.

Your Plea-Bargain is Vitally Important

Human Rights Watch reports that nine out of ten drug law defendants who fail to reach a plea bargain will receive a much heavier sentence than they would otherwise have received. Of course, if you are really not guilty, and we can amass the evidence to prove it, you have no need to be concerned, but if you are guilty, your plea bargain should be seriously considered. How do you know whether the plea bargain you have been offered will be of benefit to you? Are there grounds for entering a not guilty plea, and what are your risks of an enhanced sentence of you do so? In short, should you plead guilty or not? You need a criminal defense lawyer to help you to make this decision.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Represents Your Interests Within the Confines of The Law

Your criminal defense attorney is not there to judge you. Instead, his or her duty is to ensure that you get the most equitable treatment possible within the confines of the law. How well do you know the law? Do you have expert insight into legal precedents? It is extremely unlikely that you do.

What About Court-Appointed attorneys?

You are given the right to a court-appointed attorney, but will this person be committed to your case, or will he or she spend the bare minimum of time to investigate it and represent you? When it comes to criminal defense attorneys, the adage “you get what you pay for” invariably applies.

Admittedly, court appointed lawyers often have almost impossible caseloads that simply don’t allow them to pay as much attention to individual cases as they may wish. This problem remains unresolved, making the need for quality legal representation from a private criminal defense attorney the wisest choice for anyone facing criminal charges.

Political Change Seems Likely to Result in Harsher Penalties

Although the Democrats have highlighted the issue of nonviolent criminals being incarcerated for lengthy prison terms, Republican President Donald Trump maintains that softened penalties have allowed criminals to run amok. He has presented himself as the “law and order” candidate, and he seems likely to present a no-compromise stance in terms of crime and punishment. Drug law violations will be no exception.

This will increase the need of those who face criminal charges of any kind to appoint an experienced criminal defense attorney. After all, your future is at stake. Once you have become an ex-convict, your chances of having a productive career are severely impacted.

Get Legal Help as Soon as Possible

If you face charges related to possession of drugs, the implications are extremely serious. You face hefty fines at the least, and a lengthy period of incarceration, including life in prison, at worst. With your future hanging in the balance, your need for a criminal defense attorney is pressing.

If you have financial concerns that are holding you back, you should discuss this with us. We provide terms that allow for easy and affordable payment of our fees, and the benefits that accrue to you through having expert representation are not easily quantifiable in financial terms.

The take-home message is clear from the most impartial standpoint: a criminal defense attorney is a necessity rather than a luxury.