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Do I Need a Lawyer If I’m Guilty of a Crime?


Have you been charged with a crime in North Carolina? If so, you need a lawyer even if you believe you are guilty of a crime. Many people believe they only need a criminal defense lawyer if they are trying to get the charges dismissed but this is not the case. Being charged with a crime is a serious matter and a conviction can result in prison, fines, and other consequences that could have a negative impact on your life for many years after you have “served your time.”

A criminal defense attorney can help mitigate the potential consequences of a conviction. The attorneys of The Trevor J. Avery Law Firm are dedicated to providing you with the best chance of avoiding a criminal conviction that is possible under the circumstances and the law.

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if I am Guilty of a Crime?

There are several reasons why you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer even if you believe you are guilty of a crime.

  • You are innocent until proven guilty

The state must prove you are guilty of a crime — you are not required to prove your innocence. Every crime has various elements that the state must prove to the court or a jury before you can be found guilty of a crime. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands the elements the state must prove; therefore, the attorney can build a defense strategy based on that law. Furthermore, the attorney is in a better position than you are to argue the state has not met the burden of proof because the attorney understands the law.

  • Reducing your sentence

If you plead guilty, the judge sentences you based on the crime of which you are convicted. This means that there are several ways to reduce your punishment.  First, a good criminal defense lawyer will negotiate to get charges reduced or have some of them dismissed.  This way the court will be sentencing you based on less serious charges then you face now.  Second, the court can consider facts and circumstances that mitigate the crime.  Without an attorney to argue mitigating factors, the judge may sentence you to the maximum without considering these mitigating factors. You need an educated and trained attorney who understands and knows the mitigating factors that can reduce your sentence and/or keep you out of jail.

  • Negotiating a plea agreement

If you are guilty of a crime, your attorney may advise you to enter a plea agreement. A criminal defense lawyer can advise you whether your best course of action is to plead guilty or take your chances at trial based on the attorney’s vast knowledge and experience. Your criminal defense attorney is an experienced negotiator who can get you the best possible sentence allowed under the law.

  • Avoid a criminal record

A criminal defense attorney may be able to help you apply for and enter a deferred prosecution program. In some cases, you may be eligible for deferred prosecution programs that not only keep you out of jail but may also avoid a criminal record. A criminal record may prevent you from obtaining the job that you desire.

It is never a wise choice to represent yourself against a criminal charge in North Carolina regardless of whether you believe you are guilty of a crime. We want to help you avoid jail and fines, if possible.

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