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What Is A “Domestic Violence” Offense?


Domestic violence is a terrible reality for many men and women. Most people assume that only women and children are victims of domestic violence; however, men are often the victim of domestic violence too. Domestic violence occurs when a family member or household member acts violently or aggressively toward another member of the home. It is a pattern of abusive behavior that can take many forms including but not limited to physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

While we never condone the use of violence in the home, our attorneys do acknowledge that men and women are often accused falsely of domestic violence. In many cases, both parties may be guilty of domestic violence but only one arrested on a domestic violence charge. Police sometimes assume the man is the aggressive party. Therefore, we see a higher number of men charged with domestic violence in relation to women.

A domestic violence charge is a very serious matter that should not be ignored. If you have been arrested for domestic violence, contact our office as soon as possible. The domestic violence attorneys of Welch and Avery have extensive experience defending clients in domestic violence cases. We understand the issues involved in these cases as well as the laws governing domestic violence in North Carolina. You want and need an experienced defense attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected and you receive fair and impartial treatment.

Defending a Domestic Violence Charge

When you are charged with domestic violence regardless of whether it is spousal abuse or child abuse, or physical violence versus verbal abuse, you need a qualified domestic violence attorney. Even if your partner decides that he or she made a mistake and wants to drop the charges, the District Attorney is the one who makes a decision whether to continue with the prosecution. Because the prosecutor aggressively pursues every domestic violence case, the case will often go on without the victim pushing the matter along.

Our attorneys will investigate the case to determine the proper defense to use depending on the circumstances and facts surrounding the alleged incident. It could be that it was a case of self-defense or the action was not actually domestic violence but really something quite reasonable and the arrest was not valid. In any case, you should contact an attorney prior to giving a statement or discussing the case with police. You could damage your defense by giving statements to police without an attorney present. Exercise your right to remain silent except for specifically asking for your attorney.

Call our office as soon as possible so that our criminal defense attorneys can work to protect your rights and defend your actions both inside and outside of the court.

Contact an Experienced Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorney

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