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Will I Get Probation For DWI In North Carolina?


Have you been charged with DWI in North Carolina? If so, you need the advice of an experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible. There is a wide range of penalties for DWI in North Carolina. At the very least, you can receive community service, a fine, probation and a suspended driver’s license; however, you could receive a much larger fine and a jail sentence depending on the facts of your case.

After conviction on a DWI charge, the judge holds a sentencing hearing to determine the punishment for your DWI conviction. Sentencing for DWI in North Carolina is structured into six levels including probation for DWI convictions. The level of punishment depends on the DWI charge, the facts of the case and any aggravating or mitigating factors. The judge uses the DWI sentencing levels in combination with the facts and factors to determine the proper punishment for the DWI conviction.

Receiving Probation for DWI Convictions in North Carolina

Depending on the charge, the level of punishment, any aggravating or mitigating factors and the facts of the case, a judge can order probation for DWI convictions. North Carolina has both supervised and unsupervised probation. Below is a short summary of both types of probation.

Unsupervised Probation for DWI

  • You cannot commit another criminal offense

  • Pay all court ordered fines and court costs
  • Complete any court-ordered community service, alcohol assessment and treatment
  • Not drive unless validly licensed to do so
  • No probation officer is assigned to specifically monitor your compliance with the court judgment

Supervised Probation for DWI

Follow all the rules for unsupervised probation, plus additional conditions including:

  • You must obtain court permission or written permission from your probation officer to leave the court’s jurisdiction
  • You must meet with your probation officer and abide by all instructions of the probation officer
  • Notify your probation officer if you lose your job
  • You must submit to reasonable warrantless searches by a probation officer
  • You must submit to warrantless searches by a law enforcement officer if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that you are engaged in criminal activities
  • The use, possession or control of illegal drugs or controlled substances (without a written prescription from a licensed physician) is prohibited
  • You must submit a breath, urine or blood sample when requested by a probation officer
  • Pay monthly probation supervision fees

Obliviously, supervised probation for DWI is much more severe than unsupervised probation. Our DWI attorneys help make a strong case for unsupervised probation for DWI to avoid the problems associated with supervised probation.

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