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Miranda Warnings: What If They Didn’t Read Me My Rights?


You may have seen television shows and movies where a law enforcement officer reads the “bad guy” his rights when he is apprehended. In fact, some of us can recite the Miranda Warnings simply because we have seen them so many times in shows and movies. Unfortunately, television shows and movies do not give us all of the facts about our Miranda Warnings. One misconception portrayed in shows and movies is that an officer must read a suspect his or her Miranda Warnings before he can question the suspect. This is not always the case.

When Must an Officer Provide Miranda Warnings?

Officers are only required to read you your rights if:

  • You are in custody AND
  • You are being questioned about the crime.

An officer can ask questions without reading you your Miranda Warnings if you are not in custody. Likewise, simply because you are placed in custody does not mean your Miranda Warnings must be read to you. Knowing when an officer must issue the Miranda Warnings can be complex and tricky. It is not as clear-cut as television shows and movies like to make it.

Just as some people believe that an officer must read the Miranda Warnings as soon as he places the suspect under arrest, some people believe that the case against them must be dismissed if the officer failed to read the Miranda Warnings. Failure to issue Miranda Warnings is not a reason for automatic dismissal of a case.

If the officer fails to read you your rights and you make incriminating statements, those statements cannot be used against you in court. Furthermore, any evidence gathered as a result of those incriminating statement cannot be used in court. The case may proceed and you could be found guilty without the use of those statements and evidence. While some cases will be dismissed because your statements are essential for proving the state’s case against you, there is no guarantee that a failure to read you your rights will result in a dismissal of the case.

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